Demo Roundup #6


Author: Goldensundown

Bands: Tomb Mold, Kabbalah

Albums: The Bottomless Perdition, Revelations

Labels: Independent

In this demo roundup, I’ll be featuring a band I featured on a previous one – Kabbalah – who have graced us with another great EP, as well as featuring the debut demo from new death metal band Tomb Mold.

Tomb Mold – The Bottomless Perdition

Tomb Mold are a new, or at least I’m assuming so given their utter lack of anything but a bandcamp demo, Canadian death metal band and The Bottomless Perdition is their debut demo. Regions of Sorrow/Demon Ruins kicks the demo off with a minimalist horror sounding synth drone that leads into an ominous doomy death guitar lead that drops into the raw and pummelling meat of the material on display here. Rabid drumming, sinister riffs and an all consuming growl dominate the demo, with slices of catchy guitar leads poking through. Bereavement of Flesh features several grimy and fantastically crafted catchy riffs, while Valley of Defilement creates a more crushing and rabid atmosphere in its 2:20 run time while the title track brings back the death/doom riffage and sinks further into the filth.

Tomb Mold hardly are doing anything revolutionary here, but fuck they’ve certainly nailed the grimy and dark atmosphere that is befitting of death metal. At “Name Your Price” on bandcamp, any old school death metal fan should give this a whirl.

Fave track: Regions of Sorrow/Demon Ruins


Kabbalah – Revelations

Being a fan of Kabbalah’s previous EP effort – Primitive Stone – I was definitely keen to see how Revelations held up. This Spanish all-female rock/doom trio have indeed put out another killer EP of four fuzzy, Sabbath influenced tracks. The Darkness of Time opens the album off with a bouncy but doomy atmosphere while Dark Revelation ups both the fuzz and the energy, sliding into a much more contemporary styled classic rock track. Dark Revelations also includes harmonisation in the vocal delivery between Kabbalah’s members and a very stomping Black Sabbath styled ending. The Shadow has an atmosphere fitting of its namesake, with a slow trad doom, lumbering pacing while the ending track, Presence closes the track off with a War Pigs-esque riffing style and a heavy doom atmosphere.

Revelations overall is a darker/doomier sounding affair than the previous EP, but definitely recommending this, as well as Kabbalah’s previous two EP’s – Primitive Stone and the self-titled.

Fave track: Dark Revelations

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