Baphomet’s Blood – In Satan We Trust (2016)


Author: Dave

Band: Baphomet’s Blood

Album: In Satan We Trust

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Baphomet’s Blood is a completely new band to me. Prior to this release, I knew nothing of them and since I haven’t listened to any of their other stuff this review is done in complete isolation to their previous efforts. Normally, I try to compare later albums bands to their earlier albums just because it makes reviewing the album easier and gives readers a little more to latch onto. In this case, this album stands so well on its own that I didn’t really feel compelled to go back and listen to their other albums. So whether this one in particular is better or worse, I can’t say. But I can say that if this album is not as good as the others, I will definitely need to get their earlier stuff.

The album begins with a spoken word section and comprises what is possibly one of the campiest and cringiest portions of any album I have ever heard. It is supposed to be depicting some sort of bizarre occult ceremony, but is so unintentionally hilarious you just have to hear the melodrama for yourself to appreciate it. This is followed by some heavy and deep vocal harmonies accompanied by a set of kettle drums resulting in a piece of music strongly resembling the Romantic works of Carl Orff or Richard Strauss. After all that silliness finally ends, we are finally greeted by the first of many fantastically speedy riffs, which pretty much go on to dominate rest of the entire album.

To sum up their sound on this album is pretty easy: this is classic speed metal. They have a striking resemblance to a lot of eighties speed metal outfits, though they have with a little more density in the rhythm section and the vocals are a wee bit more on the aggressive side, like Motörhead or Venom. More recent comparisons would be to Razor and Bulldozer, but they really don’t have a sound that is strongly similar to either of those. They are a good bit more accessible than Razor, and their songs don’t have nearly the depth as Bulldozer. But even then, they have all the speedy riffs you would find in both of those bands, and all the snare drum you can fit into a 4/4 measure without going straight into a drum roll.

I rarely if ever review lyrics, and I’m not going to review or analyse these in any depth, but I will say that Baphomet’s Blood do have a certain endearing quality to their songwriting and it basically boils down to what I could call “the Sarcófago effect”. The lyrics aren’t as hilarious as Sarcófago’s, mostly because they appear at least to have a level of knowledge beyond fourth grade grammar. But the lyrics are still laughably bad. So bad, in fact, that they’re good in their own way. And that’s not even including their refined pronunciation of Her Majesty’s English, which includes the use of the long i when pronouncing the word triple in the song “Triple Six”. It comes out like “Tribal Sex”. It’s nothing short of glorious.

I wouldn’t say that the album is monotonous in any sense, but some of the songs do tend to run together a bit. Even so, it’s still an enjoyable experience and there isn’t a bad cut on the entire thing. Like most speed metal albums, the relentless tremolo riffs and jackhammer percussion can take a toll and it’s the kind of thing some people can only take in small doses. So the length is basically perfect, clocking in at just under forty minutes, provided you ignore the absurd introduction. Given how comparatively rare speed metal is nowadays, if that happens to be something you’re into, you really shouldn’t pass up this release.




  • Dave

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