Deströyer 666 – Wildfire (2016)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Band: Deströyer 666

Album: Wildfire

Label: Season of Mist


K.K. Warslut and his merry gang of satanic thrash metallers have finally returned with fresh material seven years after the somewhat disappointing fourth album Defiance. We did however get the excellent compilation To the Devil His Due in 2010, but now with Wildfire we get 9 brand new tracks. Let’s make this clear right at the start, Deströyer 666 are one of the finest bands in the entire heavy metal genre and their three first albums are seen as legendary for a reason. The vicious riffing, the pummeling drums and the songwriting in general showcased by the mighty Deströyer 666 serves as a reminder of how mind-bogglingly awesome thrash metal can be. With these superlatives thrown around I expected great things from Wildfire and my hype level reached unfathomable levels after they released their first single, Live and Burn, back in January. It was everything I wanted in a Deströyer 666 song.

Now, on to the album itself. The first thing that greets you is the fast-paced opener Traitor and a fantastic falsetto. The riffing is reminiscent of what you have come to expect and it serves as a terrific start. The riffing and songwriting sounds like something that would have fit perfectly in on Cold Steel… for an Iron Age. Live and Burn is the second track and I’ve already told you about my love for this song. Try to not bang your fucking head whilst listening to this, I dare you. The added sing-along qualities of the chorus certainly help in burning itself onto your memory.

What stands out in particular to me is how much better the tracks like Traitor, Live and Burn and Hymn to Dionysus are compared to the rest of the album. Those three tracks steal all the attention from me and whilst listening through the entire thing I can’t help but feel disappointed in the overall quality. Yes, the good tracks on this thing are absolutely amazing, but I’ve come to expect much greater things from Deströyer 666. Some of the later tracks are just outright skippable. The boring Tamam Shud that features clean-ish vocals and mid-tempo almost atmospheric black metal riffs at parts is simply a song that’s not good enough. Hounds at Ya Back and Die You Fucking Pig, absolutely ridiculous song titles by the way, are both mediocre at best. Artiglio del Diavolo is actually a really good instrumental but I really don’t see the point in making an instrumental. Just throw in some lyrics about Satan and the song would instantly become even better.

The thing about Wildfire is that if basically any other black/thrash band would’ve released it I probably would’ve liked it more. This is simply because I expect more from Deströyer 666 than what I would do from some random Croatian band releasing their debut album. I just can’t help feeling let down with this release.




  • Jan Jakobsen

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