Dave’s Top 5 of 2015


Author: Dave

(Ed: Sorry for the lateish post! This begins the posting of the Fetid Dead writers’ top 5 albums of the year, which we’ll be posting across this week and into next week, enjoy!) Continue reading

Holiday Break

Hey readers!

Since we’re leading into Christmas and New Years, Fetid Dead is going into a short break from now until the beginning of the new year. In the mean time, our contributors are getting their top 5 lists sorted and we’ll be posting those starting next week.

Thanks to both our contributors and readers for making the large part of 2015 productive for Fetid Dead!

Many Hails

  • Goldensundown

Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth (2015)


Author: Goldensundown

Band: Hooded Menace

Album: Darkness Drips Forth

Label: Relapse Records


Hooded Menace are a Finnish 4 piece, sitting firmly in the horror infused death/doom region of metal, using the crushing atmosphere and unearthly sounds of the genre fusion to evoke images of the undead, curses and other classic horror iconography. Darkness Drips Forth is the 4th studio album – and 14th piece of material – that Hooded Menace have dropped and with this release they have taken their horror infused sound and slowed it down further, spreading 40 minutes of crushing death/doom over 4 long tracks, and damn does it work out. Continue reading

Desolated Souls – Dose of Psicological Illness (2015)


Author: Dave

Band: Desolated Souls

Album: Dose of Psicological Illness

Label: Depressive Illusions Records


In spite of the fact that the Venezuelan duo Desolated Souls have been around for nearly a decade, it was this year that they put out their first release, Dose of Psicological Illness. And although all albums require repeated exposure before one can truly appreciate them completely, this album in particular required much more than a cursory listen before it was clear to me what they were doing. It was only after having listened to it several times that I found a rather compelling sonic portrait buried underneath all the muddy guitars. Continue reading

Supresion – Emerging Extermination (2015)


Author: Dave

Band: Supresion

Album: Emerging Extermination

Label: Vision of God Records


I should preface this review by cautioning any reader that I am not the biggest thrash guy in the world. I have maybe forty different thrash bands in my library, and a good chunk of the total number of thrash albums come from Megadeth and Metallica and some of their numerous imitators. I feel like this is important because if you happen to be a thrash enthusiast, then whatever I say regarding the quality of this album should probably be taken with a kilo of salt. My favourite thrash bands are Megadeth, Razor, and Heathen, and even though I enjoyed this particular album, it sounds absolutely nothing like any of them. Continue reading

Kampfar – Profan (2015)


Author: Jan Jakobsen

Artist: Kampfar

Album: Profan

Label: Indie Recordings


Earlier this year I saw Kampfar at a small festival called Transistor in the tiny town of in the midst of Norway’s woods. There could not have been more than 70 people in the room, but what an impression and what a performance that was. The gratitude and energy shown by the band members was fantastic and they showed a genuine appreciation for each and every person that showed up by performing as if it was gig at a major open-air festival. Continue reading

Black Curtain – Apocalypse Rising (2015)


Author: Dave

Band: Black Curtain

Album: Apocalypse Rising

Label: Independent


Black Curtain are a band from Phoenix, formed from the members of an older local thrash metal band called Soothsayer. The current members have some pretty good experience under their belts as well, with many of them able to boast of having played with artists like the thrash metal Big Four, Frank Zappa, Eddie van Halen, Leatherwolf, Manowar, Fates Warning and others. So they have a pretty solid history. Continue reading