Dave’s Top 5 of 2015


Author: Dave

(Ed: Sorry for the lateish post! This begins the posting of the Fetid Dead writers’ top 5 albums of the year, which we’ll be posting across this week and into next week, enjoy!)

5. Signum Regis – Chapter IV: The Reckoning. Quite possibly the catchiest and most epic European power metal I have heard in ages, along with some of the best lead guitar work in the genre.

4. King Heavy – King Heavy. Traditional doom metal with an incredible vocalist whose voices is sonorous and full of melancholic majesty. The best of the doom I heard this year.

3. Nahab – Nahab. Fantastic low-fi Lovecraftian black metal with an oppressive atmosphere that is menacing and thick. This one grew significantly stronger with age.

2. Ethereal Shroud – They Became the Falling Ash. For some reason an album dripping with depression, emptiness, grieft kept me coming back for more and more listens. And throughout the year, this album never got stale.

1. Iconoclasm – Iconoclasm. Easily my most played album of the year. Speedy riffs and violent vocals make for a real headbanger.


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