Blazon Stone – No Sign of Glory (2015)

Author: Dan

Band: Blazon Stone

Album: No Sign of Glory

Label: Stormspell Records

Forget Alestorm if you like pirates, Blazon Stone is the real deal. No Sign of Glory is the second album of Blazon Stone, a side project of Cederick Forsberg whom some of you may know as the guitarist of Rocka Rollas. And you probably guessed it, there is a reason this project is named after one of Running Wild’s triumphs. After the debut Return to Port Royal (also referencing Running Wild’s Port Royal), which was praised by many fans as the album Running Wild never released, No Sign of Glory takes the worship into the second round and let me tell you something, there definitely are more than enough signs of glory to be found here!

Starting with a nice little instrumental intro, Declaration of War sets the mood for the album and is followed by Fire the Cannons which is exactly what it sounds like. Fast double bass action and optimistic tremolo-picked riffs lead the way to the anthemic chorus of which there are many to be found on No Sign of Glory. Speaking of choruses that won’t leave your head, the same goes for the riffs which are accessible and despite the rather high speed good to memorize. Highlights include the beautifully riffed A Traitor Among Us, Beasts of War with one monster of a chorus and the almost eight minute long concluding song No Sign of Glory with its epic atmosphere where you are only left thinking: “Yep, that was a good album.”

No Sign of Glory is in many aspects similar to its predecessor but major differences include the new vocalist of the project who seems to be able to convey the hymns of the opus a bit better than it was the case on Return to Port Royal. The other change lies in the production of the album which seems much more tightened and fitting for this kind of album. It’s not a big change compared to the debut and apart from the mix which seems to highlight the guitar a bit too much at some points the production as a whole feels clean and focused; in a good way.


I can’t exactly tell what the deciding factor is for that this album sounds so pirate-like but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day because No Sign of Glory is exactly what I was hoping for when I heard that Blazon Stone released a new album; cool riffs, anthem-like choruses which won’t leave your head until you listen to another song on the album and the most important factor: no filler. It doesn’t matter what you pick, each and every song shines in its own way and after following the updates of the new album on Facebook it’s clear that Ced didn’t lie when he said that he worked his ass off to get No Sign of Glory as good as he possibly could.


If you liked Blazon Stone’s debut, Running Wild’s pirate-era or the combination of speed- and power metal in general there really is no reason to not give this a try.




  • Dan


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