Perversor – Anticosmocrator (2015)

Author: Kevin

Artist : Perversor

Album: Anticosmocrator

Label: Hells Headbanger Records

“Anticosmocrator” is the second full length album by the Chilean band Perversor. I was quite a fan of Cult of Destruction (their first LP), and when I had found out they had released another album, I was quite excited to hear it. Cult of Destruction was great because it was the lovechild of Blasphemy and thrash metal. I had hoped that the new album would keep this amazing style of black/death metal. I’m glad to report that it did.

This album is a speeding tractor trailer with no brakes headed straight for you. Constant riffs and blast beats pound you ear drums into submission and make you asking for more. The only time this album gives you to breathe is the short silence between songs.

The drumming on this album can be a little strange. It can almost sound hallow at random parts of a song. The title track has an example of this at around the 2:30 mark. I think the increase in production quality may have affected it negatively, because it wasn’t this bad on the first album. The riffs also have their flaws; they are kind of buried behind the vocals and the drumming at points. It would have been nice to have the riffs a bit more upfront. Nevertheless, the riffs that are there are awesome and a clear testament that more complex doesn’t always make it better.

You may be thinking that constant blast beats, riffs, and non-stop speed could be a bad thing; that it could get tiresome and too repetitive over time. You’d be right, but not about Anticosmocrator. Perversor have packed as much punch as they can in to this album, cutting out unnecessary things like intros, outros, and any sort of build up at all. All this removal shortens the album to a run time of a mere 28 minutes. This album flies past you so quickly and intensely, it doesn’t have time to get boring and repetitive.

Perversor have amped up the production quality on this album as well. Cult of Destruction had more of an actual Fallen Angel of Doom production sound. This is a great sound, don’t get me wrong, but Anticosmocrator tightens up everything nicely and still manages to give it the nod to its ancestors.

In the end, Anticosmocrator is nothing short of awesome. It keeps the brutal style found on Cult of Destruction and somehow manages to improve on it even further. The flaws that are present are easy enough to look past; there’s a really great album here. If you like Blasphemy or any band that tries to emulate their style, I cannot recommend this album enough. Anticosmocrator is a serious contender for my top 5 of 2015 list.


  • Kevin


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