Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria (2015)

Band: Pissgrave

Album: Suicide Euphoria

Label: Profound Lore

Reviewer: Goldensundown

This is album is filthy in every way; from that band name, album title and production to that album cover, just absolutely fucking filthy. And it’s good, so very good.

Pissgrave are a fairly new US death metal band, having dropped a demo on the Graceless Recordings label last year and suddenly dropping this rotting monster of an album early in August after being picked up by Profound Lore. One could be mistaken for thinking this was a somewhat amateurish brutal death metal project from the album cover but Suicide Euphoria is an extremely grimy and disgusting old school death metal album full of Incantation-esque e riffing and cavernous atmospheres.

The first noticeable thing with Suicide Euphoria is how grimy and overwhelming the production and mixing is; it often is fairly reminiscent of the Teitanblood school of black/death cacophony churned through the muck of a rotting corpse. The drums and bass create a thick almost wall of sound that threatens to swallow up the higher end guitars during the more full on moments throughout the album and everything exudes this deep and fetid tone to it. The bass itself is relatively uninteresting in musicality and just exists to thicken everything up to a brutal amount and is damn good at it.

The wall of sound caused by the bass end of this album is pushed by unrelenting drums which will often break out into blast beats or otherwise are insanely heavy and fast with double bass drums rarely not in use. This makes the intro into Field of Scattered Bones feel like a slow motion kick in the face from a steel capped boot with its minimal but immensely heavy drum leading into a death/doom-y guitar riff and vocal display before dive bombing into Pissgrave’s blasting death metal.

The vocals on display here are almost completely incomprehensible; they’re mid end death growls that sound akin to a wood chipper grinding gravel and bones that has been recorded and distorted, although I feel that doesn’t quite do them justice. Whatever the case, they work on a sick level and, with the rest of the instruments, make the album feel truly like the auditory version of the album cover; like dropping into a tub of overly rotted and decaying viscera and bones.

In terms of the length there’s 9 songs peaking just the half an hour limit and aside from a few doomier parts here and there, as well as the spazzy dive bombs, there’s not a huge amount of song writing variation. Given the run time though, Pissgrave manage to keep the album unrelenting, heavy and foul without making you run for a door to breath, which is great.

Dive into this if murky, grimy and disgusting old school death metal is your thing, highly recommended!

  • Goldensundown


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