Pyramaze – Disciples of the Sun (2015)

Artist: Pyramaze

Album: Disciples of the Sun

Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Reviewer: Crono

Pyramaze, how many of you have heard of this little band? As far as I know, they’re relatively unknown, even in the Power Metal scene that they inhabit. Maybe I’m wrong, but since Pyramaze has been quiet for the past seven years, they certainly aren’t at the forefront of people’s minds.

Now, if you want to go back in time to their older albums, you will find a very different band. Going back all the way to their debut, Melancholy Beast, you will hear a large jump in sound. First and most obvious, their singer has changed. In fact, it’s changed twice now. Disciples of the Sun is the first album featuring this new singer. So there is a big jump in singing style. But what else has changed with Pyramaze over the years? They’ve gone through a guitarist and bassist as well! In fact, the only original member of the band is their drummer (ha!). So this band has changed a lot over the years. It would probably be best just to cut away from the former Pyramaze and just consider this a debut, or perhaps a different incarnation.

So! Pyramaze! How does their latest effort hold up to modern music? Have they managed to stay up to date and modernize their sound, or do they still sound as raw as they did eleven years ago? I am extremely pleased to say that this is an album to behold. Don’t get me wrong, this is straight-up European Power Metal to its core, and it does not reinvent anything at all. But! Damn if this isn’t a catchy-as-hell album. In fact, I keep returning to a few songs on this thing simply because I cannot get them out of my head.

Let’s talk about all of the elements. Drums and bass do their job, nothing special, nothing terrible. Keyboard is great and brings some real meat to the melodies. The vocals are decent, catchy, not obnoxious, pretty much everything you could hope for with this kind of music. Now the guitars, they are the star here, especially the solos. On my first listen, the thing that stood out the most was those awesome solos that pop up every few songs. But as I listened more, I realized that Pyramaze was actually doing something quite special here. When they take the time to slow down and focus on writinga good chorus or melody, they really shine. Listening to Perfectly Imperfect, I am reminded of last year’s amazing Noble Beast, or (dare I say it?) early Pagan’s Mind, which is high praise in my mind.

Many European Power Metal bands are so focused on writing speedy riffs, they just turn sloppy. Not Pyramaze, and the results are great.  I can’t really say more about this album. It’s catchy, well-written, and is a really great showing from Pyramaze. I really hope they continue on with this line-up and this style, because it is really working for them. If you enjoy a more standard approach to Power Metal and you want something new to spin, definitely give Disciples of the Sun a listen.



One thought on “Pyramaze – Disciples of the Sun (2015)

  1. I usually don’t have a lot of time for power metal. Speed isnt enough, it needs to have those vocal melodies that are constructed *well*. But this is that, at least in the linked song. But I got caught out with other releases having just the one good song. But you’ve peaked my interest to get me to investigate further.

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