Tengger Cavalry – Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2010/2015) (Re-recorded)

Artist: Tengger Cavalry

Album: 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2010)/ Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2015)

Label: Dying Art Productions (2010) / Metal Hell Records (2015)

Reviewer: Dan

Tengger Cavalry is most definitely the most popular Folk Metal band hailing from China to include Mongolian traditional instruments and combine it with throat singing. Now they re-recorded and rearranged their first album and also shortened it a bit.

Blood Sacrifice Shaman was the band’s debut and marks the starting point of their developing style. The original release was more on the Melodic Death Metal side although it already exclusively featured throat singing; use of traditional instruments are limited as Nature Gangangbaigal (gtr/voc) played everything on his own until Black Steed in 2013.

The re-recorded album was, as one can directly see, shortened by 10 minutes (now 30 instead of 40 minutes) and features a rearranged track listing and alternative song titles. The overall production is much more polished and focuses rather on melodies than on rawness. Many tracks got rearranged and now include traditional instruments most of the time, conveying a more relaxed feeling than the original debut did. More than a few riffs were changed and optimized as Tengger Cavalry now is a full band instead of a one-man project. The album also includes two songs from their demo Tengger Cavalry, released 2009, which deliver a good retroperspective on how the band and its music changed and evolved over the years.

Blood Sacrifice Shaman now feels much more completed and adjusted to Tengger Cavalry as a band instead of a one-man project, it was definitely not an unnecessary re-recording as it got changed and optimized to the point where it’s almost a new album. In a good way. The re-recording is different but it’s by all means one hundred percent Tengger Cavalry and you won’t be disappointed if you’re a fan of their latest few releases or if you like mixture of Folk and Melodic Death Metal in general.






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