Bathsheba – The Sleepless Gods (2015)

Bathsheba - The Sleepless Gods

Artist: Bathsheba

Album: The Sleepless Gods

Label: Svart Records

Okay, total disclaimer: I picked Bathsheba’s latest EP to review for two reasons, one being that I sorely needed some doom in my life, and the other and more important being that my black metal project shares its name (sort of) with Bathsheba. And I promised to myself and the rest of the Fetid Dead crew that I was absolutely not going to give them a negative review out of some weird sense of competition.

… Unless, of course, it turned out that The Sleepless Gods totally blew. Continue reading


Biotoxic Warfare – Lobotomized (2015)

Biotoxic Warfare - Lobotomized

Artist: Biotoxic Warfare

Album: Lobotomized

Label: Slaney Records

Reviewer: GTO

It’s surprising to note the amount of thrash coming out of Greece that actually seems to be semi-related. In the shadows of the now relatively well known Suicidal Angels, these Greek thrashers seem to be taking heavy inspiration from the Teutonic greats like Sodom and Kreator, as well as Bay Area standouts Exodus. They’re still thrash to the core, but the dark edge their ancestors had is still there—there’s hardly any death metal compared to someone like Kreator. Continue reading

Under The Abyss – A Future To Behold (2015)

Artist: Under the Abyss

Album: A Future to Behold

Label: Send the Wood Music

A Future to Behold is a somewhat ironic title for an album that mostly references the recent past. French band Under the Abyss open this, their second album, by making their influences abundantly clear. Opening track “The Wrath of Nantosuelta” calls to mind Machine Head. “Black Sheep” overtly references Lamb of God. “Living Ghost” has all the trappings of Killswitch Engage. It’s all there: the breakdowns, the gang choruses, the mid-tempo grooves, riffs rooted in Pantera but that sometimes hint at traditional metal melody, and a vocalist who can switch between metalcore shouts and very passable imitations of Randy Blythe and Robb Flynn. And while the premise alone has probably already turned off some of our readers, they’re really not at all bad, though unfortunately that’s the strongest praise I can offer. Continue reading

Ethereal Shroud – They Became The Falling Ash (2015)

Ethereal Shroud - They Became The Falling Ash

Artist: Ethereal Shroud

Album: They Became The Falling Ash

Label: Unsigned/Independent

It is impossible for me to discuss this record honestly and objectively, so in the interest of academic honesty I must disclose that I like this artist an awful bit. And my appreciation – as far as I can tell – goes deeper than mere music. I am reminded of this brief thought by St Augustine recorded in his great classic work Confessions regarding the death of a close friend: Continue reading

Lustre – Phantom (EP) (2015) & Sorrow Plagues – An Eternity of Solitude (EP) (2015)

Lustre - Phantoms Sorrow Plagues - An Eternity of Solitude

Artist: Lustre

Album: Phantom

Label: Nordvis Produktion


Lustre is a band that I have a lot of history with. While they aren’t the oldest band around, first releasing music in 2008, their discography is large enough to think of them as not being new. With 5 full albums and numerous EPs, splits, and demos, you can lose yourself in Lustre for a time. And of course, with familiarity there comes a more critical eye. Comparisons to previous work can be made more readily, and the “overall direction” of a band can be judged. Continue reading

Bell Witch – Four Phantoms (2015)

Bell Witch - Four Phantoms

Artist: Bell Witch

Album: Four Phantoms

Label: Profound Lore Records

Reviewer: Arvind

Bell Witch’s latest offering, Four Phantoms, wastes no time making itself known. Where 2012’s Longing was melancholic and languorous in its introduction and relied upon waves of intestine-rattling bass to set its tone, Four Phantoms takes a scant 45 seconds to introduce a wrenching melody. Continue reading

Necrowretch – With Serpents Scourge (2015)

Necrowretch - With Serpents Scourge

Artist: Necrowretch

Album: With Serpents Scourge

Label: Century Media Records

Alright ladies and gents, gather ‘round for some sweet, sweet old school death metal worship. This particular album, Necrowretch’s With Serpents Scourge, doesn’t go into unexplored territory, but the band put together a strong effort that had me hooked from beginning to end. Continue reading