Hammer King – Kingdom Of The Hammer (2015)

Hammer King - Kingdom Of The Hammer

Artist: Hammer King

Album: Kingdom of the Hammer King

Label: Cruz del Sur Music

Hammer King. Hammer. King. King of the Hammer. How does it sound? Does it sound like Manowar? Good. Because you don’t even need to listen to one of Hammer King’s tracks to know what’s up. Manowar is up. Steel is up. And glory is up. Do you think you’ve seen it all? It actually doesn’t matter because Hammer King are by no means a revolutionary band who try to reinvent the wheel. Their goal, however, is “to play the truest Heavy Metal in this and all other worlds”.

Now, Hammer King is a Power/Heavy Metal band that actually delivers the Hammer. Not literally but it’s most often quite expectable what a Power Metal band with a “Hammer” in its name is about. Catchy riffs, fun and beer. Without saying it’s a bad thing, Hammer King goes too far. Even a blind person sees it after taking a look at the track list of the record. It’s really up to you from now on if you like it in your Metal that almost half of the songs contain the word “Hammer” and I don’t even want to count it in the lyrics. Lines like “I am the king of metal” speak for itself. They even took a fiery hammer as their cover art. If that’s not cheesy, I really don’t know any more.

The cheese. Many of the songs contain pretty catchy choruses and tasty riffs which are fun to listen to and are even more fun with beer. Or as a live performance. Or live and with beer. Hammer King seem like one stereotype of a Metal band. It’s all there. HammerFall’s Hammer, the cheesiness of some of the most ridiculous European Power Metal moments, delicious and straightforward riffs à la Metal of the American kind and they even had the boldness to write a concept album about a freaking Hammer. Well, technically it’s about the king that wields the hammer. But enough of the king already.

Seriously, Hammer King is probably the first band I came across who successfully ripped off not only one but two entire genres, and it’s pretty much up to you if you find that disgustingly shameless or downright ridiculous. I’m definitely for the latter. A band who sings over 45 minutes about a damn hammer deserves only the best; and you know it. Hammer King is exactly what you expect it to be. It’s a fun and beer-driven ride which combines elements of all kinds of cheese into one burning hammer.




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