Visigoth – The Revenent King (2015)

Visigoth - The Revenant King

Artist: Visigoth

Release: The Revenent King

Label: Metal Blade

Reviewer: GoldenSundown

Armed with the bombastic and anthem wielding nature of early European power metal and tied with a strong allegiance to the US heavy metal scene, a strong Necropolis cover from Manilla Road’s Crystal Logic features here, Visigoth’s debut album is an hour slab of fist raising heavy metal. Released after a relatively well received demo and EP, Visigoth’s debut is released under Metal Blade. Continue reading


Scanner – The Judgement (2015)

Scanner - The Judgement Artist: Scanner

Album: The Judgement

Label: Massacre Records

Reviewer: Dave

Scanner is a recent addition of mine to my library; it was just a few months ago that I heard Hypertrace and Terminal Earth for the first time. I have long been a fan of power metal, but recently have taken a liking to the older releases – before the genre became inundated with the riff-anaemic “flower metal” that dominates the scene nowadays. Scanner, of course, hit the scene before any of that with their debut and follow-up coming out in 1988 and 1989, respectively.

Continue reading

Mastery – Valis (2015)


Artist: Mastery
Release: Valis
Label: The Flenser
Reviewer: Bloodshot Grub


Mastery. Certainly an audacious band name, if there ever was one. I can respect that sort of audacity as long as the music can back it up, otherwise it comes off as empty posturing. But there is nothing at all empty about Valis, a challenging and indeed masterful presentation of precise and tactical black metal chaos. But this work of mastery isn’t going to make it easy for you, nor is any amount of effort nor time spent listening going to transform this album into something coherent and comprehensible. Best to just give up and let it take you where it will. Continue reading