On The State Of Festation

This post will probably fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes rather, but with some changes coming soon I figure I may as well give an introduction post.

First things first, the blog fell away due to an ever growing struggle against the tides of university, which obviously won against me as this blog’s been inactive for almost a year now. So, apologies to the few of you who were keeping up with this blog.

However, I recently got a message from a user on reddit who was expressing interest in kicking this blog back into action, as well as help contribute himself. He’s also managed to haul a few other interested people into contributing and writing reviews as well so basically, Fetid Dead is coming back into action!

The exact details of how many writers/contributors we’ve got is still up in the air, however posting is starting again this coming Monday (7th) and we’re hoping for a 5 days a week schedule to keep the consistency up. Once details start becoming more finalised I’ll make another post (even if its after a few review posts are put up). But either way, FD is becoming active again and looking like its gonna stay that way.
Edit: On the starting date, we’ve pushed it back until we’re a tad more organised. It seems both of us overestimated our preparedness. More info to come!

– Goldensundown


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