American Sharks – American Sharks (2013)

American Sharks - American Sharks

This release may be from last year but with between my catching up with some current releases and the need for this to get more recognition, I’m reviewing this while some more reviews are written up.

American Sharks are a stoner rock band that worship at the throne of riffs and weed, and do it bloody damn well for a genre that is as saturated as this genre is. Each of the 9 songs on this album are laden with fuzzy and catchy riffing, energetic drumming and vocals that will stick to your brain, especially the tracks Indian Man, XVI and Freak Out.

It’s a shame that none of the songs roll over the 3 minute mark and that the album cuts in at just under 20 minutes, because the album is brimming with riffs and so much potential. It’s a wonder if the short song choices were to avoid the pitfall of boring songs that a lot of stoner rock and metal bands fall into, if that was the case, they did it well, because this album will not leave your head for quite a long while despite its run time.

This album warrants many repeated listens, its catchy and fun as fuck and I’ll be keeping an eye out for American Sharks material.



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