Ambush – Firestorm (2014)

Ambush - Firestorm


Firestorm is the debut album for retro styled heavy metal band Ambush. It is a slab of 9 very 80’s styled denim and leather heavy metal songs; they’re catchy, fun and luckily don’t breach into the glam metal side of things.

Writhing in the production quality and sounds of the 80’s along with other modern throwback bands like Enforcer and Ranger, this is unsophisticated heavy fucking metal to headbang to and allow the fun to seep in. For the most part the riffs on this album are catchy and the vocals are that high pitched, cheese filled 80’s style which fit perfectly with everything. The bass is audible and more often than not, along with the drumming, provides a heart pounding backing to Ambush’s guitars and vocals to really add to the emphasis on nothing but headbanging and heavy fucking metal.

The only downside to this album is, unlike Enforcer on their 2013 album, a couple of the songs on this album feel somewhat underwhelming, passing by without getting stick in your head.However the singles released, Natural Born Killers, Don’t Shoot and Ambush, are some of the stronger songs on the album and showcase Ambush’s ability to write killer riffs and keep the music catchy as fuck without breaching glam levels of cheese, especially with the high pitched vocals and reliance on gang vocals throughout some songs.

Firestorm doesn’t do anything new or add any interesting twists to the heavily played out field of traditional heavy metal, but it’s hard not to like this album when, for the most part, the riffs and general feel of the album is fun and hella catchy. Recommended for people who crave a bit of unsophisticated, but uber catchy traditional heavy metal.



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