Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death (2014)

Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death

There seems to be a thing with me and band names that are easily misrepresentative of the music and crust punk, because YAITW could easily be misconstrued as an indie rock group with such a band name. However When Life Comes To Death is this black metal/crust punk fusion’s fourth album. This release is dark with the abrasiveness that combining crust punk and black metal has, resulting in 46 minutes of visceral distortion with some fairly melancholic sections weaved into the latter part of the album.

The album exudes atmospheres that follow the band’s lyrical themes of pain, darkness, betrayal and the like with crushing guitar tones, riffs that invoke the harshness and despair of black metal and crust punk with hefty crust punk/d-beat drumming that works together to create an oppressive feel, laden with burden. The vocals wretch forth hardcore tinged black metal rasps to further push the emotionally crushing atmosphere that the banding is creating.

The production quality of the album doesn’t leave much to be desired for, with the album having instrumental clarity while still coalescing enough to really enforce the oppressive feelings. The song writing is a lot stronger in the second half of the album once the melancholic elements are brought in, especially on the 9 minute closing track, Embrace Extinction, however the first half of the album is still fairly strong, especially the single Be My Blood.

A definitely recommended album for people who desire seeing the light in their life burnt out in a 46 minute trip of despair.



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