Portrait – Crossroads (2014)

Portrait - Crossroads


Holy shit, another review, finally? Yes, yes it is, a new review finally and I’m trialling a shorter review structure to hopefully get some regular reviews up. On the slab this time is the new album, Crossroads from old school styled heavy metal band Portrait. Portrait channel the magick of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate as well as a general 80’s heavy metal sound. There’s a very distinct King Diamond feeling to the vocals, including the bounce between regular pitches and falsettos but Portrait don’t just feel content with sitting in the KD/MF worship box and spread themselves out into a distinct band of their own. The riffs behind this album are catchy as fuck and are particularly well written, exuding dark tinges to the 80’s heavy metal riffage sound, which fits into the occult lyrical themes. The songs themselves are written extremely well too, also being bloody catchy, with entire passages of songs guaranteed to haunt your head, aided along by the high quality production on the album which allows for all of the instruments to not just be heard but be easily distinguished from each other. There aren’t any filler tracks on this album, but definite personal favourites would have to be At The Ghost Gate and the 9 minute closer Lily, with its haunting acoustic intro.

This 8 track album, with its run time of 42 minutes and catchy occult atmosphere will definitely hit the spot for fans of King Diamond styled 80’s metal that doesn’t just feel satisfactory being a shadow of the legend.



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