Fuck finals, part 2: more albums!

Last couple weeks of school kicked my ass, so I’m gonna share some albums that deserved a review, but didn’t get one because I am lazy.

Trenchrot – Necronomic Warfare (2014, death metal)

This album came out way back in February and it’s still pounding my ears. This is the debut album from the Philadelphia death metal outfit, after last year’s promising demo. This album is going to be showing up on my year end lists, and hopefully many more. These guys fucking slay. For fans of death metal, but including Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and Obituary. Favorite tracks: Death by Trenchrot, Mad Dogs of War, Dragged Down to Hell.

Gravehill – Deathcurse (2014, death/thrash/black metal)

Another solid album from the Californian quintet. Riffs, Satan, and death. If you like Nunslaughter, check it out.

Cult Leader – Nothing for Us Here (2014, grindcore/sludge/crust)

Formed from the ashes of Gaza, even with 3/4ths the members (down a singer), they continue carrying the torch Gaza lit. Expect lots of chaotic passages alternating between grinding insanity and dissonant doomy parts.

Desecresy – Chasmic Transendence (2014, death metal)

This year is a great year for death metal it seems. Desecresy continue with their dark, brooding brand of Finnish death metal. Like Finndeath? Like Slugathor, Krypts, or Horrendous? Check ’em out.

Black Anvil – Hail Death (2014, black/thrash/hardcore)

First album in four years from the NYC band. Features members of Kill Your Idols. Thrash-tinged black metal with hardcore sensibilities. Reminds me a lot of Skeletonwitch meets Desaster.

Church of Disgust – Unworldly Summoning (2014, death metal)

More fucking death metal. This time from the old US of A. Super grimy, dark death metal.


Obviously, I haven’t covered every album that I wanted to review in this post. There are a couple more I missed that I will devote a review to, but this gives a good overview of what I wanted to do in the last couple of weeks. Expect more on the way.


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