Vampire – Vampire (2014)

“AT MIDNIGHT I’LL POSSESS YOUR COOORPSE!” Vampire, another entrant in the revival of thrashy death metal from Swedeland, finally released their debut LP.

Take the raw aggression from the all the classic 90’s Swedeath bands home, throw in a bit of thrash, add some filth. Baby, you’ve got a Vampire stew going!

As mentioned, Vampire reminds me a lot of the more current Swedeath bands like, Repugnant, Tribulation, Degial, Necrovation, Verminous, and so forth. Lyrically, Vampire is the B-grade horror movie of the bunch; they focus on the typical death, gore but if the name wasn’t any indication,  also horror and zambies!

I think what sets Vampire apart, is that they’ve got a bit more bite to them. It certainly isn’t the rawest out there, but there’s still a lot of grit on this record: reverberant, barked vocals, bouncy guitar riffs, powerful drums, and  muddy bass (hey, it works!). A lot of those bands focus on atmosphere as well, but Vampire would fit right in as the soundtrack for the night of the living dead.

You can find CDs, vinyl, and t-shirts here!

Favorite tracks: At Midnight I’ll Possess Your Corpse, The Bestial Abyss, Jaws of the Unknown


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