Teitanblood – Death (2014)

That’s right, they’re baaaaaack. Spanish blackened death metal demolitionists, TEITANBLOOD, finally release their second, long-awaited LP, aptly titled Death.

If you’re not familiar with Teitanblood, they play a style of not-quite-black metal but not-quite-death metal, instead meeting at the dark, seedy place where the two genres hooked up after they got a little too fucked on Devil Juice. That’s Teitanblood.

Death is their second full-length record, after 2009’s Seven Chalices. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of them before; enjoyable, but not really grabbing my attention. It had all the promise: extremes, the atmosphere, OCCULT!, but I just never got it. However, I think they’ve perfected their, admittedly, already great formula. If the death metal influence wasn’t apparent at first, it definitely is on this album. “Anteinfierno” gets straight to kicking you in the chest and crushing your ribs. The production on this album suits their music perfectly: an oddly clear, but still extremely cacophonous, hurricane of metal, heading straight for your earholes.

Favorite tracks: Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist, Burning in Damnation Fires



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